Visual Story Assignment 3

Final presentations for our third assignment have ended.

This assignment was about analyzing one of a set of pre-selected movie clips and be able to plan and recreate it shot-for-shot. You can see the film that my team produced in my portfolio under “Film: Visual Story”.

My team chose a clip from Tenacious D. This was a rather simple assignment and I had a lot of fun working on details. Our team didn’t know how much creative freedoms we would have (turns out a lot as a bunch of other teams “reinterpreted” scenes) so we played it safe and tried to match the clip as exactly as possible.

I had a lot of fun with this because this is the first time we had shot inside of someone’s house (Eric) and we really had complete control over the set. I had a lot of fun throwing stuff around on the floor and rearranging things to make our room look just as unkempt as the one in the Tenacious D clip. Moreover, we actually shot different shots in different parts of the house to get the effect of a whole “solid” room. The couch and TV were moved appropriately, and I myself am really impressed with the illusion we created. Also, this was the first and only time my team used a boom mic  and I had a lot of fun positioning it and finding out which directions around our actors the sound carried the best.

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