Chinese Practice 1/14/2014

I’m pretty good at English, and I know enough about Chinese to put together the meanings even if I have to look up every character, so translation and localization can be fun.

Songs are also fun, so below is a random song I’ve translated. I’ve tried to stay literal where possible, but where a Chinese turn-of-phrase just doesn’t match up to an English expression/cultural image, I’ve taken some liberties to capture the meaning. I’ve also tried to match syllables where possible to make it sing-able in English.




問你何時曾看見 / 這世界為了人們改變
有了夢寐以求的容顏 / 是否就算是擁有春天


We are ordinary people, born in this earthly world
Rushing about all day, without a moment’s rest
We are not immortals, can’t avoid impure thoughts
Cast your morals aside, for your selfish ways

How many bright young men, chase pretty women
How many young love birds, have now flown separate ways
Life is far too short, for the pain of love
When my lover walks away, to whom can I cry?

Have you ever once seen / the world change for anyone?
If you yearn day and night for your dreams / will you really ever find happiness?

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