Visual Story Assignment 5

Final presentations for our fifth and final assignment have ended.  This assignment was about creating a music video given a color, object, and theme.

You can see the film that my team produced in my portfolio under “Film: Visual Story.”

Our team’s theme was daring yellows, a necklace, and romance.  The process was extremely rough and difficult at times, but this was a really, really fun assignment.

You can see right away that despite what seems to be a really, really simple set of guidelines, our team did something very ambitious.  This is due to my influence:  I had wanted to do a “fight” scene in Visual Story since the start of the semester.  The brainstorming process was still difficult though because we had to figure out how to integrate fight with romance.   Originally, we had thought about having two guys fight over a girl while both dancing with her at the same time.  While this idea was actually pretty cool, the amount of practice and choreography that would have been required was beyond us so we scaled back to just a girl and a guy.  The fight/romance was still difficult to resolve and our pitch went over rather sour, especially with Anthony Daniels as a visiting professor that day.

Eventually, with a bit of focus, we boiled our story and our goals down to the essence of what we wanted, which was this playful fight between the girl and guy.  We got really lucky with Jing as our actress since not only did we not have to outsource to the drama department but she is really great.

I had fun acting as well, and the choreography was also fun and fresh:  I helped come up with some of the gags and pacing, but a lot of it was improvised on the spot depending on what Jing and I did that seemed fun or funny.

I hope you enjoy this video; for me it really is the culmination of a great and fun semester of film-making for non-film-makers.

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