Visual Story Assignment 4

Final presentations for our fourth assignment have ended.  This time our team had to produce a game trailer based off of the pre-production that another team did.

You can see the film that my team produced in my portfolio under “Film: Visual Story.”

We got the “Mario Paint” pre-production that Ninja Babies did, and did pre-production for “Windows 3D Pinball” ourselves.  This was a strange assignment and I think we did the best with what we had to work with.

The pre-production took a bit of brainstorming as usual.  I forwarded the idea of doing Windows 3D Pinball because we had watched the CollegeHumor Minesweeper trailer and thought it’d be funny to do something with a classic Windows operating system game.

As to production, the Ninja Babies pre-production for Mario Paint wasn’t that complex and we basically followed it exactly, adding some slight creative flair with the background as well as Dicky’s exaggerative acting.  Also, the voice-over came together towards the end as well, and I think it filled a palpable gap in the whole aesthetic.

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