Oil Paintings

Oil on Canvas.
18″ x 24″
Fall 2007.

A painting that I made for midterms for a first-year seminar at NYU.  The course was called “The Self and the Call of the Other.”

“what are the reflections in the water? they seem almost haunting or if not haunting then of another world, shadows of another world and the other person is alone, surrounded by the beauty of creation but almost painfully alone… all perception is but a reflection of reality our minds perceive only shadows of the world in a universe of truth”

Below are other oil paintings I have created in the past:

  • A study of water and light inspired by works of other oil painters.
  • A study of depth and fog inspired by a National Geographic image of Matsumoto castle in the fog.
  • A study of clouds and waves inspired by the subject of many commercial oil paintings.