Film: Fight Choreography/Filmography Study

In the Fall of 2012 in graduate school, I did an independent study on fight choreography for film.

Below you will find my culminating project of the semester:  A short fight choreography created so that the team could study the process of bringing a fight sequence from conception to completion.

Thorough list of my learnings from this project can be found atmy end of semester post.


  • Albert Gea
  • Ken Hilf
  • Dan Archer

Filmed by:

  • Noreen Durkin

Produced, Choreographed, and Edited by:

  • Albert Gea

My particular role involved:

  • Creating the story and designing the fight choreography.
  • Coordinating actor schedules for practices and rehearsals.
  • Practicing and performing choreography.
  • Working with the camera woman to identify ideal shot angles to showcase the choreography.
  • Acquiring equipment and props.
  • Scheduling shoot time and location.
  • Editing footage.

Produced at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University.